Importance of Open Access

Why is this important?

1. To provide a mechanism for our faculty to share and disseminate their scholarly work, regardless of where they choose to publish.

Georgia Tech faculty are committed to making their work discoverable and making sure it has the most impact possible in research and scholarship. Making your research articles openly accessible means that anyone with an internet connection can have access to your important work, not just those with a paid subscription to an online site.

2. To proactively position Georgia Tech to meet the increasing federal funding requirements for public access to research.

In 2013, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a memorandum requiring all agencies providing over $100 million in research grants to make the products of those grants open access. The NIH has had a plan in place for several years, the DOE just put theirs into effect. Other agencies such as DOD, DOI, NSF, and others will be releasing theirs in time (find out more here). Georgia Tech's Open Access Policy anticipated these requirements. Those already complying with the Georgia Tech policy are already positioned to meet federal requirements.